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Jim McKeen's Secret to Well-Being with Hyperbaric Chamber Series 501

Jim's Health Challenge and Aspirations

Join us in an inspiring journey as we introduce you to Mr. Jim McKeen, a spirited 72-year-old residing in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. While his family grappled with the challenges of type 2 diabetes, Mr. McKeen charted a different path to health and vitality. Discover how the synergy of the KETO diet, daily workouts, and OxygenArk’s Hyperbaric Chamber Series 501 has allowed him to not only maintain a remarkable blood glucose level but also excel in demanding athletic endeavors. Delve into his challenges, needs, and the transformative impact of our portable hyperbaric chamber on his active and vibrant lifestyle.

Jim's Health Challenge and Aspirations

Mr. McKeen’s family history of type 2 diabetes posed a significant health concern. However, he was determined to take proactive measures to stay healthy and maintain optimal blood glucose levels. Seeking a holistic approach, he adopted the KETO diet and daily workouts, which helped him immensely. Still, he yearned for an additional edge in recovery and overall vitality, especially during intensive athletic activities. This led him to explore hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as a complementary solution to further enhance his well-being.

Tailoring Wellness: Our Expert Guidance

At OxygenArk, we understand that every individual’s health journey is unique. Mr. McKeen’s commitment to his well-being resonated with us, and our team of experts worked closely with him to identify the ideal solution from our product range.


Given his active lifestyle and specific wellness objectives, we conducted a thorough consultation to determine the most suitable hyperbaric chamber. Our experts considered various factors, including Mr. McKeen’s athletic pursuits, his desire for enhanced recovery, and his need for better sleep quality. After an in-depth analysis, we recommended the Hyperbaric Chamber Series 501, a portable hyperbaric chamber renowned for its cutting-edge features and on-the-go convenience.


Our personalized guidance extended to helping Mr. McKeen seamlessly integrate the chamber into his daily routine. We provided comprehensive training on chamber operation and session setup, ensuring that he could maximize the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Throughout the selection and consultation process, our commitment to excellence shone brightly. OxygenArk’s dedication to providing tailored solutions ensured that Mr. McKeen could harness the full potential of HBOT for enhanced recovery, better sleep, and a revitalized daily routine. We take pride in being a trusted partner on his path to wellness and vitality.

Jim's Road to Vibrant Well-Being with Hyperbaric Oxygen

With the Hyperbaric Chamber Series 501 integrated into his wellness routine, Mr. McKeen achieved remarkable results. He maintained excellent blood glucose levels, thanks to his disciplined approach to the KETO diet and regular exercise. The addition of HBOT further elevated his quality of life, enabling him to excel in open water swims and long-distance races. Improved sleep quality and faster recovery from workout fatigue became key benefits of his Hyperbaric Chamber Series 501 sessions. Mr. McKeen’s story is a testament to the transformative power of OxygenArk’s hyperbaric chambers in enhancing vitality and overall health, even in the face of potential health challenges.

What did Jim Say?

“I am 72 years old, and live in Phoenixville, Pennsyvania. my family is susceptible to type 2 diabetes, and my 2 siblings are diabetic in their 60s. However, I stay healthy with a good blood glucose level. The secret is: KETO diet, daily workout and hyperbaric chamber. I stay away from heavy carb, eat plenty of proteins, fat and vegetables. I jog for 1 hour every morning. To enhance my sleep quality and better recover from workout fatigue, I kept using hyperbaric chamber from Oxygen Ark since 2 years ago.”


“Every year I will attend 10-mile open water swim as well as various type of 5 to 10 miles racing. I feel really good with the help of KETO, workout and HBOT.”

The OxygenArk team is here to assist you every step of the way.

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