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# Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber | Series 701


Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber


Indulge in the epitome of luxury and flexibility with our Series 7 Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber. Tailored for your comfort and convenience, this chamber redefines the art of relaxation and healing.

  • Inflatable frame lounge, replaceable and solid for reduced weight.
  • U-shaped entrance for convenient accessibility.
  • Flexible in-chamber chair arrangement with recliners or inflatable benches.
  • Touch screen control panel for effortless session setup.
  • Huge molecular sieve for consistent oxygen purity.

Installment Service Available: Buy Now, Pay Later.


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Detailed Technical Specifications


Technical Spec. 701
Working Pressure (ATA) 1.2
Working Pressure (Kpa) 20
Diameter (cm) N/A
Length (cm) 260
Width 170
Height  175
Chamber Material 2-layer TPU
Chamber Weight (with frame) 160
CCU Weight (aluminum hull)  60*2
Airflow Delivered into Chamber (L/Min) 300
Oxygen Volume Delivered into Chamber (L/Min) 20
Oxygen Delivery Method with / without Headset
Oxygen purity (%) 88±3
Sound Level Less than 60 Db
Power (watt) 2100



Multiplace Marvel: Elevate Group Therapy

Experience the ultimate in group therapy with Oxygenark 701, our multiplace hyperbaric chamber that offers a spacious and stylish environment for up to six adults. Designed with a focus on practicality and aesthetic appeal, this chamber is the perfect solution for a variety of group settings.

Whether you’re part of a competitive sports team seeking faster recovery, an athletic organization aiming for peak performance, a gym offering top-notch member services, or any group striving for optimal wellness, Oxygenark 701 is tailor-made to meet your needs. It provides ample room for everyone to relax and benefit from rejuvenating oxygen therapy.

With its seamless integration into professional environments, Oxygenark 701 not only enhances the health and performance of its users but also promotes teamwork and collaboration. Elevate your group wellness endeavors with Oxygenark 701 and unlock the full potential of hyperbaric therapy for your team.


Streamlined Setup with Oxygenark’s Integrated CCU

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber | Series 701 6

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple machines. Oxygenark simplifies your hyperbaric experience by integrating the oxygen generator and air compressor into a single Control Console Unit (CCU).

With just one link between the chamber and the CCU, setup has never been this easy or efficient. Our system eliminates the confusion and complications often associated with multiple connectors, streamlining the process for new and experienced users alike.

While other brands may require complicated setups with separate air compressors and oxygen generators, Oxygenark’s all-in-one CCU takes simplicity and ease-of-use to a whole new level. The result? You spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Experience the future of hyperbaric therapy setup with Oxygenark – where innovation meets simplicity.


Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips

Unleash the full potential of hyperbaric therapy with our advanced touchscreen console. Designed to streamline operations and improve accuracy, our user-friendly interface guides you through each step of the process, ensuring a safe and optimal therapy experience.

Enjoy complete control over pressure, duration, and oxygen concentration with just a few taps. With real-time monitoring and precise parameter adjustments, you’re empowered to personalize your therapy like never before.

Experience the difference of our touchscreen console – a perfect blend of ease, accuracy, and cutting-edge technology. Making hyperbaric oxygen therapy not just beneficial, but also convenient and efficient, with Oxygenark.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber | Series 701 7


Unlock the Diverse Applications of Hyperbaric Chambers

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Performance Enhancement

Hyperbaric chambers aid in optimizing physical performance for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking an extra edge. By increasing oxygen availability, they support improved endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced stamina, allowing you to push your limits and achieve peak performance.


Hyperbaric chambers provide valuable support in the rehabilitation process for individuals recovering from injuries or surgeries. The increased oxygen levels in the chamber promote tissue healing and repair, potentially accelerating recovery time and enhancing overall rehabilitation outcomes, helping you get back on your feet and regain your mobility.


Hyperbaric chambers contribute to overall beauty and skin vitality. By promoting collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity, and improving circulation, they provide a natural approach to enhancing the appearance and health of the skin, helping you maintain a radiant and youthful glow.


Hyperbaric chambers create a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and mental clarity. By immersing oneself in the soothing environment, individuals may experience improved focus, mental sharpness, and an overall sense of calmness, offering a serene retreat from the stresses of daily life.


Hyperbaric chambers can aid in the accelerated healing of wounds. By providing an oxygen-rich environment, they promote the natural healing process, potentially reducing healing time and improving overall wound recovery, allowing you to heal faster and get back to doing what you love.

Animal Care

Hyperbaric chambers are an essential component of veterinary care, assisting in various treatments, post-surgical recovery, and promoting overall well-being of animals. Your beloved pets can benefit from the same healing power of hyperbaric therapy, ensuring they lead healthy and happy lives.